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Metro 2033 Patch 1.02 Update 2 Indir -




If your computer is not online or your IP is incorrect (not in your game account), please request help on forums as soon as possible. ***Important information about the release*** As stated above, patch 1.02 has a big feature: Stalkers. We have decided to go with this particular feature, but please be aware that, in some ways, it may be considered bad, as we didn’t go through the game and figured out how to make it work and balance the team. It has a lot of pros and cons and we will try to discuss them here: The pros of this feature are that it adds an entirely new way to play the game, opens a new way for PvP, allows new strategies in PvP, changes the key roles in teams and allows you to play the game in a different way. We call it — fresh start. You can also play Stalkers on your own. Stalkers You can queue in a Stalker mode for either PvP or PvE content. This means that you will fight the same numbers of opponents in both modes, and the result will be based on your performance in PvP matches (aka Survive & Kill, for simplicity’s sake) — in the past you were able to queue only for PvP, and in the future there will be a dedicated PvE-only mode. Dedicated PvP map for Stalkers. This is a good sign of things to come. We’ve also released a new dedicated PvP map in which you can practice all the skills you’ve gained throughout the game. You can also test your Stalker skills in Team Deathmatch. Team Deathmatch mode for Stalkers. It’s not as simple as usual, because it is based on PvP team match-ups. We did not want to limit Stalkers in a different way than the rest of the game. This is why we have decided to keep the old team roles: Tanks and Engineers. The new changes we made for Stalkers are: Stalkers cannot use EMP grenades anymore. Stalkers use body armor, but lose their EMP grenades. Stalkers cannot heal using medkits, and they can only use EMP grenades. Stalkers cannot use grenades, but gain access to Tritanium ammunition. I know there are a




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